Safari Options

Hunting Safaris

Game and bird hunting is legal in Tanzania, and during the hunting season, which runs from July to December of each year, hunters from around the world arrive to embark on private guided expeditions into the African bush. Hunting safaris take visitors to some of the most remote parts of the country on a private basis, and guests often return with a variety of antelope and buffalo species, and some...

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Luxury Camping Safaris

Luxury camping safaris mixes the best of the African bush with an exclusive and luxurious atmosphere. Tented camps are stationary and set up before your arrival, with a group of cooks, tent staff, waiters, drivers, and your guide, all there to make sure you experience the best in service, food, and high-end accommodation. Tents are equipped with running water and electricity, fully furnished in sa...

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Lodge Safaris

For visitors who want the amenities of home and the adventure of a safari experience, lodge safaris are a popular choice, and make up the majority of safaris to Tanzania. Lodges offer traditional hotel-style rooms in a comfortable and controlled environment, and allow hesitant visitors to feel secure during their stay in and around game parks and nature reserves. All of the national parks and most...

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Fly Camping

‘Fly camping’ is the term for luxury walking safaris where visitors sleep out in the open with only a mosquito net between them and the African sky. Guests often embark on day hikes through the bush with their private guide, and camp is set up each evening in a new locale. These mobile walking safaris give visitors a chance to see the wildlife and birds of the game reserves up close, and experienc...

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Budget Tanzania Camping Safaris

Budget Tanzania camping safaris are among the most popular options for visitors who want to explore Tanzania’s many game parks and conservation areas. The safaris embark on the same circuit of national parks and game reserves as other more expensive companies, and guests get to feel like they’re experiencing an ‘on the ground’ adventure by camping in beautiful locales. Camping safaris are a reward...

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